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We believe in the sufficiency of Scripture and that within it, God has given us everything we need to live life successfully. We believe that the Church is to minister to the needs of those inside it and to the community at large. Spring Lake Church's Biblical Counseling Ministry offers Biblical counseling that is anchored in the principles of God's Word, at no cost as our gift to you. The only costs you may incur would be for materials that are used to help facilitate the counseling sessions. Whether you are suffering in a trial, experiencing the consequences of sin, or maybe you are simply not sure what God is doing in your life and you need direction, we would love to walk alongside of you! The goal of Biblical Counseling is to give you hope and help through Biblical application so you can handle life's problems in a manner pleasing to God.

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If you would like to meet with one of our trained Biblical Counselors, please click the graphic below to fill out the Counseling Intake Form and Consent. Be sure to click SUBMIT at the bottom. The Biblical Counseling Ministry Coordinator will contact you with next steps.

If you have any questions, please leave a message with the counseling ministry at (920) 983-9090 ext. 1038.

Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts is a ministry that exists to serve Christian men, women, and adolescents in the local church and throughout the world, who are dealing with the consequences of their own sinful choices, such as abortion, addictions, or immorality; or are suffering from the sinful choices of others against them, such as sexual abuse, divorce, rape and other traumas. Mentor led Bible studies are provided with the goal of healing through full reconciliation in Christ.

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Biblical Counseling Ministry Contact Information

Lesley Swanson

Biblical Counseling Ministry Coordinator | 920.983.9090 ext. 1038 | Contact Lesley

Vanessa Roskosch

Ministry Assistant | Discipleship Ministries | 920.983.9090 ext. 1029 | Contact Vanessa