April 17, 2023

We are gonna be looking at some myths related to baptism, and some might say, well, “how can there be myths regarding baptism? Because baptism seems pretty straightforward.”

I mean, you get in the water, you go down and you come back up. So what seems like so confusing about that, that there could be myths, but you might be surprised as we go through this this morning to discover. Maybe you believe one or more of these myths that we're gonna be talking about.

Myth number one, baptism is a means of salvation. 

Many people in the world believe that generally they're just good. And that their good works outweigh their bad works. Some look at their religious background or their upbringing. Maybe they were baptized as a kid. They grew up in confirmation. They had catechism class, and they did all of those things.

But the truth regarding baptism is that baptism is an outward sign of salvation.

It's belief that always precedes baptism. 

Second myth, myth number two, baptism is for next level Christians. 

Sometimes when it comes to baptism, we think, well, that's for a special class of Christian. You know, those are the people that, yeah, they serve and they teach and they become mission.

The truth is actually that baptism is for every Christian.

So it's important to note that baptism isn't just for a select few. It's not just meant to be for some Christians. It's not just when you get to a certain tier as though there were such a thing. It's meant to be for every follower of Jesus. 

Myth number three, baptism is a repeatable symbol of cleansing.

This is characterized by the belief that for someone that is living for Jesus, and then they start blowing it majorly. And they live life their way, and then they have this moment where they want to recommit their life to Jesus and they acknowledge, man, I have blown it. I've been making some foolish choices, and now I need to be baptized again because I want to feel clean again.

The truth is that baptism is a one time symbol of conversion. 

When we are baptized, it is a picture of that victory of dying to sin and being raised to new life. This new position we have in Jesus that our position in Jesus is not tied to our work, but to His.

Myth number four, baptism is optional. 

And this last myth might be the most hard-hitting because the other three, we justify reasons why we don’t want to be baptized. 

For instance, 

“I don't like to be in front of people.”

“I know it's important, but I just haven't found the time to do it.” 

“My story, my testimony is not that spectacular to tell.”

“I'm not sure I'm ready.” 

“I've gone this far in my Christian life without being baptized. Why should I do it now?” 

The truth is baptism is something that every believer should do.

That Jesus by His grace, has saved and is transforming for his glory. Maybe you're reading this and you've never been baptized. Maybe you've been putting it off for a long time. I would encourage you to stop putting it off. What are you waiting for?