Read. Refresh. Dive Deeper.

As a church we have three key components to our mission: loving God, maturing in His Character, and reaching the world for Christ. These three components are the heart of who we are and the framework for discipleship. Whether through the sermon-based study guides, or the listed curriculum in our toolbox, our aim is to help one another grow into fully committed followers of Jesus.

Biblical Foundation

Understanding the Bible is vital to us believing and living correctly. Here you will find book/theological studies that provide a basis for our response to God in love and worship.

Practical Application

Followers of Jesus are always to be growing in maturity and Christlikeness. Here you will find studies that deal with what it means to follow Jesus.

Faithful Multiplication

Our faith is not meant to be private, but to be shared. Here you will find studies that help in evangelism, service, and multiplication of leadership.


The booklet below includes all of the approved studies for Life Groups to use. If there's a study that you'd like to go through with your group that is not listed it must be approved. Please submit your request four weeks prior to the start date. Please send an email to Vanessa with the name of the study and include a link.

Equipping Trainings

Shame Equipping / Training

Click here for the Shame Notes

Click here for the "I Feel Ashamed" chart

Fear Equipping / Training

Click here for the Fear Notes

Click here for the T.E.A. Diagram (filled in)

Click here for the T.E.A. Diagram (blank)

Additional Resources

Enjoy several additional resources we recommend for you or for someone you know.