Spring Lake 3 Year Vision

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The vision of Spring Lake Church is ambitious, daunting, and exciting. It inspires us toward our future and requires our dependance on the Holy Spirit. For the past couple years, church leadership has prayed and gained clarity on next steps for Spring Lake to move toward fulfilling our church vision.

Our 3 Year Vision was designed to position our church to:  

To accomplish this vision, two connected projects are being pursued.

The first is an expansion at our Bellevue Campus that will include a gym big enough for a full-sized basketball court and additional classroom space.  The expansion, especially the gym space, will be an outlet for outreach in our local community. We see outside groups and our Outreach Ministry using the space in ways that will strength our relationships with our neighbors. In addition, for many years, we’ve realized that our Kids Ministry and Student Ministry spaces were inadequate, especially in play spaces where so many kids and students make relational connections. The gym will create an environment where kids and teenagers can be kids without the fear of breaking equipment in our large lobby and worship center. Extra classroom spaces will alleviate overcrowding in our Kids Ministry and allow us to offer more Care, Focus, and Life Groups for adults. Overall, the Bellevue Campus expansion will give us a wonderful tool to love our neighbors and position our current ministries to thrive even more.

The second project is to launch a third physical campus in Southwest Brown County. Our church vision calls us to expand our reach and influence beyond our current footprint and into Northeastern Wisconsin. Multi-site is the primary pathway toward that vision. Just like we experienced when launching our Downtown Campus in 2018, launching a new site will move us closer to people with spiritual needs, activate more Spring Lakers, and provide ideal ministry environments that will be big enough for quality ministries but small enough for individuals to be personally known.  Quite simply, multi-site has worked extremely well for us, and we’re excited to expand again through a new campus. Southwest Brown County, specifically locations west of the Fox River and south of Highway 172, was chosen due to the residential growth and number of Spring Lakers in that area. Our goal is to have enough Spring Lakers to form a core team when we launch.

The 3 Year Vision also addresses some crowding we’ve been experiencing at our Bellevue Campus. The fastest growing ministry at our church has been Kids Ministry for several years, causing some tight spaces on Sunday mornings and for Awana on Tuesday nights. Beyond that, our main weekend services have often pushed past 70% of capacity of our worship center. Our vision addresses these pinch points and would position us for continued growth for many years.  Obviously, this vision requires financial investment. Our Finance Committee has provided a budget they believe can accomplish this vision while also keeping our church in a healthy financial position. Following their direction, our church is looking to raise $4.5 million over the next three years (2024-2026).  The Bellevue Expansion will cost $2.7 million. Thanks to a positive congregational vote (96%) on September 16, building will start the second half of September 2023. The third campus will have $1.8 million to launch.  If debt is needed to fund the 3 Year Vision, the Finance Team and elders have capped new debt at $2 million.  

Spring Lake members and attenders are encouraged to participate in the campaign. Pledge cards can be found below or at our welcome centers. They can be returned by placing them in the silver boxes in the lobbies, emailing accounting@springlakechurch.orgor completing the electronic pledge form.
Pledges are due back by March 1, 2024.  We are blessed to relay that a generous Spring Lake family has committed to matching all donations (up to $2 million) that are pledged by the deadline (March 1, 2024) and received by March 1, 2025. We hope all those participating in the campaign take advantage of the opportunity to double their gifts to the campaign.  

We realize many people have questions beyond what we can share on a website. We have a FAQ pageIn addition, Pastor Jeff Pittman would love to address any questions or thoughts you may have. Feel free to reach out to him at pastorjeff@springlakechurch.org